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Sweet Words to Say to a Girl

Irresistibly Sweet and Charming Words to Say to a Girl

A famous quote says, "no words are necessary between two loving hearts!" So does it mean, you have to stay silent when you are with your love? Nope, not at all. When there are so many sweet words to say to a girl you love, you should use them, liberally!
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Being adept at physical expression, men are always eager and ready to express their feelings through physical touches and body language. Apparently, not many men are gifted with the deftness to weave their feelings in threads of words and gift this garland of love to their woman. However, words do matter! 'I Love You', for instance, when said with true intent, has enough gravity in it to change the course of life of an individual. Verbal expression has its own value, quality, and it adds spice in a relationship.
Sweet words to say to a girl go beyond the conventional compliments that men generally express to their girlfriends. They may start from, 'You're beautiful', 'I Love You' but they can explore further and create variations which can be best mastered by what I call is the art of observation.
Saying Sweet Words to Her
Complementing Her Looks
Mindful, meaningful, and aware observation of your partner will leave you in more awe and wonder about her. That will arm you with several sweet words to express what you feel in the depths of your heart. This will come through observation and awareness. Still wondering, how? Well, she comes to meet you in a nice dress and you're really smitten by her presence, as usual. Now, plainly, bluntly, and habitually, you'll say, 'Wow! You look beautiful'. She will certainly reciprocate with her ever charming smile.
However, this won't be something unique and different from what you have been saying to her for months. So do you need to find synonyms of the word 'beautiful' and replace it every time? Certainly not. Be more specific, more detailed, and more descriptive in your expressions. For example if she is wearing a new dress, you can say, "Wow, the dress looks great on you, and those earrings are adding more beauty to it. And I simply love those heels. The eyes are so expressive with those mascara.
I feel like kissing you, right now. You're dressed to kill today and I've died and gone to heaven, for sure". This was just a small example of how we can find more sweet words to say to a girl to compliment her. I mean, if you're good at observing, there are a hundred things to say to her about what you like in her.
Complimenting Her Personality
Now you can't always and every time compliment on looks. In these years, when the bond between the both of you gets stronger, you can't keep your focus superficial. A wise man has said, 'It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.' Some of the sweetest things you'll talk to her will be about the qualities you love in her. Why is she so precious for you? Well, there can be a long list of reasons, but there must be some very special pointers about her that really makes her the person she is. If you put in a little thought, her best personality attributes can be seen easily.
Anything from cooking a dinner, to the way she performs in her office; reflect the type of person she is. These are the areas you need to exploit. Write down three events that really impressed you about her. These can be anything like her promotion in the office, the way she handled a conflict, the way she drives the car, or anything. No matter if it is a small gesture, each small thing counts for a lot. If she has found success in her work after a struggle and hard work, don't just congratulate her. Say what you exactly feel. If you are really feel proud of her, step ahead and say, "I'm really proud of your accomplishments. I'm so happy you're in my life".
The 21st century woman is not only about homes and marriage. She has a life of her own. If you contribute in encouraging her to pursue her dreams, she will reciprocate with tons of love. When love overflows from the heart of a woman, it brings life, joy, and abundance. She will love you for always being there with her. When you keep her motivated by talking about the way she is growing; you'll be surprised to see that even she has hundreds of things to say about you.
Relationships are synonyms for growing with each other. Sweet words to say to your girlfriend are nothing but small words, spoken at the right time and in the right emotional state. Originality and words which come from your soul are sure to register in the heart, while those that are said just for the sake of it, are filtered through, without causing much impact.
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