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Thin Wallets for Men

Thin Wallets for Men

Having a bulky wallet is a thing of past. An ultra-thin wallet for men is the new IN thing. Lately, quite a lot of men are seen sporting these thin wallets, and why not? Using them adds to their exquisite style and personality. To know more about the same, scroll down.
Divya Bichu
Wallets are small, flat cases that hold cash, credit cards, business cards and various other papers. They are pocket-sized and fold-able. Men do not carry a lot of junk in their wallets or bags unlike women, therefore, a small cash and card holder case serves their purpose well. For a long time, men used bulky heavy wallets, but nowadays, thin wallets for men are in vogue, and look absolutely stylish too.
Wallets make important accessories for men, and who wouldn't want a sleek and classy designer thin wallet? Slimmer wallets are in vogue and are preferred as they do not store unnecessary things that make wallets bulky and heavy. Thin billfolds are normally front pocket wallets, which are convenient to use, and you need not worry about pickpockets. With so many different styles and materials available in the market, like linen, suede, canvas, leather, calfskin, micro fiber, vinyl or nylon, there are plenty of choices to select from. It can be difficult to select one from the huge pool of thin wallets, hence, to make your shopping for thin wallets easy and cost-effective, browse the following list of thin wallets to match your taste, and choose one that reflects your personality.
Thin Wallet Reviews for Men
ALL-ETT    * Approximate Price: $40

The tag line of ALL-ETT, "world's thinnest wallets" says it all. It indeed is the thinnest and one of the most stylish wallets, I have come across. They are available in spinnaker cloth or leather. The spinnaker cloth style is washable and water-resistant. For those leather wallet lovers, the ALL-ETT billfolds come with a fine grain Italian leather shell and a logo embossed in the front. Though these wallets are thin, space is not a problem. They can easily accommodate a good number of credit cards and enough cash.

Levi's       * Approximate Price: $30

Every one has their own reasons for liking a certain brand, but most people like Levi's for its uniqueness in the wide range of items it manufactures. Levi's is a very popular American fashion company, and the thin wallets they offer, might just match your taste. Levi's men's extra capacity thin wallets come with 9 credit card pockets as well as a large money pocket closure to keep your money safe.

Burberry     * Approximate Price: $200

Burberry has a wide range of thin wallets. Right from small grainy leather wallets to sleek, thin, vertical wallets, you will find them all. They are 100 percent leather and have a metallic plaque engraved with the Burberry logo. These wallets are elegant and super stylish to match your every outfit and occasion. They are a little expensive, but definitely worth the money.

Hugo Boss      * Approximate Price: $100

Boss has sleek and organized ultra thin wallets for men. These are light in weight, most comfortable, and durable wallets. For men who want the sporty look along with a hint of executive style, should opt for these perforated leather billfolds. The vertical sleek ones are the best buy with this brand.

Slim Slimmy     * Approximate Price: $30

If you believe in simplicity with a slice of style, this one is for you. These wallets suit every occasion, and is sure to meet all your needs with respect to a wallet. The features of this wallet are unique and made up of cowhide leather. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes.

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices mentioned above may vary according to locations, and offers available.
Pick your design, color and the material, and let the wallet express who you are. The thin wallet you choose adds a personal sense of style to your persona. For all the girls reading this, remember, thin wallets make great gifts for the men in your life!