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Things To Do with Your Girlfriend with No Money

A Host of Things to Do With Your Girlfriend When You Have No Money

You've hit a bad spot financially but that doesn't mean a relationship has to take the punch. Let's take a look at some helpful ways on how to turn things around when life goes awry.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
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I can live without money, but I cannot live without love. - Judy Garland
It isn't easy to handle a rough patch when it comes to being financially unstable, but there are things that you can do with your partner that don't cost a penny. Whether you lost your job or things aren't looking up in the market for either of you, there's always a way to avoid falling into a rut, relationship wise.
The most precious things in life are those which bring you immeasurable amounts of happiness. Making the best of memories does not really need money. What it really needs is the ability to think a little out of the box. Value what you share without letting money interfere, as hard as it may be.
For now, let's pretend that money isn't a glaring factor - use this time as a way of reconnecting with your partner.
Things to Do with Your Girlfriend Without Money
Acts Worth Trying
  1. Pick out a picturesque spot to watch the sunrise or sunset, with a basket of last night's takeout.
  2. To brighten up her day, pluck a variety of flowers from the nearest garden (not your neighbor's) and make a bouquet using twine or a ribbon to fasten the stems.
  3. Start a mini vegetable or fruit garden together; you can grow your own produce conveniently at home (if it suits your budget, seeds of both varieties can be bought for as little as $3 a pack from websites like Burpee).
  4. If you live together, do a little tidying up before she returns home.
  5. Run a soothing bath for her using the petals from a single rose to decorate the bathtub. Light up the bathroom with ordinary candlesticks.
  6. Enjoy a big bowl of popcorn while watching her favorite movie, or a new release.
  7. Give her a whole body massage, swapping places to relax each other.
  8. Take a long walk and discuss things that neither of you ever found the time to talk about.
  9. Choose a secluded spot in the park or at the beach, and stargaze together.
  10. Cook a romantic meal for her (if you've never cooked before, don't be afraid to ask a close friend or family member for help).
  11. Learn a new hobby together - let it be something special that the two of you share.
  12. Before going out, leave a single sticky note in every room of the apartment with 'I Love You' scribbled across.
  13. If she's been complaining about certain things that you repeatedly do, surprise her by doing the complete opposite.
  14. Solve crossword puzzles together.
  15. If it's snowing outside, build a snowman together.
  16. Visit places in your city you've never been to before.
  17. Help her while she does the laundry.
  18. Play board games all day, or even cards.
  19. Take down the Christmas tree and carefully pack away the decorations - let her relax for a change.
  20. Visit a designer store and let her try their fancy outfits (ask her to pose for you between trials) - leave without buying anything of course.
  21. If either of you have a pet, be the one who cleans up after it.
  22. Spend time with family.
  23. Slow dance in the living room.
  24. Serve her breakfast in bed.
  25. Crash a wedding together, take silly pictures and even one with the bride and groom.
  26. Start a blog of your life as a couple, posting things about what each of you love to do, with photographs.
  27. Set up a garage sale of things neither of you need, spend it on a nice meal for two.
  28. Get creative by looking up DIY tutorials from Pinterest  and try them out together.
  29. Browse the Internet for trustworthy investment options.
  30. Sell old stuff online, like on Ebay or Amazon.
Once you've done as many things as possible from the suggestions given above, you'll be stronger as a couple to take on practically anything. Money comes and goes, but relationships are what last forever - if you're willing to work for it. So don't be beaten about this dark phase, but use it to appreciate the things you do have.