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9 Types of Earrings for Guys to Give Them a Cool Sturdy Look

9 Types of Earrings for Guys
Hiya Guys! Thinking of getting some trendy ear jewelry for yourself? We would say, pick a earring that best compliments your face. MenWit explores the different types of earrings for guys, the ones that showcase cool earring styles for accentuating your look.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Just In for Men!
Gold and silver are neutrals. Brushing the styling norms, it is absolutely FINE to pair gold earrings with a silver bracelet.
Gone are the times when people considered wearing earrings as controversial. With changing trends, earrings have evolved as a statement accessory for men to swank their manliness and style! No doubt, earrings have a history of being an integral part of men's fashion, but these have gained a lot of popularity recently.

Guys now have many options―choosing the type of earring, the material/metal, the pattern, and of course, the placement of the ear jewelry (personal preference). Check for the size of earring you pick. It should be in proportion with your body (especially your face). Bigger men can carry bigger earrings well; however, thinner men should opt for something that is light, something that goes with their attire, and not draw negative attention.
Where And How Many Earrings Can You Wear?
This is tricky! If your earring is shiny and bold, we would say, one is enough. Well, some subcultures like punks call for more than two earrings. It, again, is a matter of preference. These earrings are shown on right ear only for representational purposes; they can be worn on either ear or both.
Types of Male Earrings
hoop earrings
Type: Circular or semicircular, penetrating the earlobe with a wire or post.
Styles: Black hoop earrings, silver hoop earrings, gold hoop earrings, shiny small stones, colored matte earrings, etc.
Trend: Silver hoops continue to stay in vogue even today.
studs earrings
Type: Free floating on the ear, a rod penetrating through the cartilage in the earlobe.
Associated with: Country music fans, elder men.
Styles: Metal studs, gemstone studs, stud symbols, etc.
Trend: Diamond studs are one of the top picks for this year, along with square earrings with round corners.
Straight Barbells
Curved Barbells
Type: Piercing accessories, threaded ends have a ball.
Associated with: Alternative or metal music genres.
Styles: Straight barbells, curved barbells, gauged barbels for cartilage and tragus piercing.
Trend: Straight barbells with status symbols, silver-curved barbells are a huge hit.
Clip-on Earrings
Type: Accessory for a non-pierced ear; holds the earlobe with a hinged clip.
Styles: Black clip-on earrings, diamond clip-on earrings, etc.
Novelty Earrings and Status Symbols
Type: It can be worn wherever the wearer wishes to. It is a broad term that spans every earring type.
Associated with: Punks and Goths; Rap and Hip Hop.
Styles: Any symbol of your preference―guns, dags, dolphins, cross, etc.
Trend: Skulls, edgy handcuffs, and bats are trending this season.
Tapers and Plugs
Type: Penetrates through the earlobe and stays in place.
Associated with: Emo, Punks and Goths.
Styles: Taper spikes, Taper plugs, Tapers with an element, etc.
Trend: Tapers in screw shape are the latest hack.
Magnetic Earrings
Type: Magnet placed in the back of earlobe, stud-like after adorning, but stays in place.
Styles: Small, circular, magnet-shaped stud magnets, variations to the shape of magnet.
Trend: Bigger magnet earrings are in vogue this year.
Spacers, Flesh Tunnels, Skin Plugs
Type: Hollow in the middle, typically big earrings.
Trend: Gauge earrings of the desired size.
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