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Know Here What are the Different Types of Briefcases

What are the Different Types of Briefcases
Briefcase is a small narrow shaped bag, which was discovered way back in the 14th century for carrying valuables. Ever since then it has undergone various modifications. To know what are the different types of briefcases, just scroll down.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
If you are a thorough professional or live a professional life, briefcase is a necessity. Briefcases first came in with an iron frame with hinges attached and a small handle to hold the bag. But, this trend underwent a series of changes and eventually led to leather briefcases, which are a rage today. Of course you have briefcases made of nylon, fiber, hard plastic, jute and cotton as well. But, leather briefcases are classy, just go fine with any kind of attire and we all love them.
Initially, the use of briefcases was restricted to attorneys or lawyers, but today these are used by students and professionals as well. Now, if you are looking for a briefcase, you have a variety to choose from. This MenWit article equips you with all the information about briefcases, you always wanted to know. Mainly there are 4 types of briefcases and each one of them have special characteristic features that defines its use.
Types of Briefcases
Portfolio literally means a collection of loose papers. And this is exactly the distinctive feature of this briefcase. It allows you to store all your important papers and facilitates its easy portability as well. Now, portfolio looks like a normal briefcase, but does not have a handle. They are usually thin and flat, which makes them easy to hold in hands or under the arm. Although nowadays you will find a range of them with a pull up handle as well. Usually they have a zipper or buckles, and are also designed to hold laptops. They are less expensive and light weighted. The use of portfolio is common amongst students and freshmen.
Padfolio is a combination of note pad and portfolio type of briefcase. It is usually slimmer than the portfolio, however it is specially designed to be held beneath the arms and does not have a pull up handle. A padfolio usually has an induced writing pad, credit card pockets and a calculator. And in case it doesn't have one, it surely has room to accommodate all of these and many sheets of paper. They are sleek and absolutely light weighted, if you happen to carry it when you are traveling. A padfolio is used by people who require to take down certain notes time and again, related to their work.
Attaché are the largest briefcases available. In the past these briefcases were used by ambassadors and diplomats, hence the French word "attaché" meaning the same is given to this type of briefcase. Attaché is a rectangular box that opens up in two separate compartments that accommodates just more than you can think. Initially, these briefcases came in a standard size and was made up of aluminum, but today they are available in different sizes, designs and materials. Attaché is usually used by professionals.
Travel briefcase
Travel briefcase as the name suggests is usually used when traveling. Whether you are going away for a night or a weekend trip, this type of briefcase is apt for carrying your clothes and important papers as well. A travel briefcase normally opens in two compartments, one is designed to hold your clothes while the other accommodates your paper sheets. They are usually made of canvas or fiber and are compact, which enables you to carry it easily everywhere.
Men's accessories do not end at watches, belts and wallets; there is something more to it, a super stylish leather briefcase. Just make sure you select the one that exactly matches with your requirements. Strap it or hold it; it is sure to enhance your manhood.
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