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Acne Body Wash for Men

Acne Body Wash for Men

Acne is a common skin condition and is usually mistaken to be a problem faced by teenagers and women alone, but the truth is that it affects men equally. A good acne body wash for men could be a probable solution.
Veena Aruldass
Body acne can be a cause for embarrassment at times. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on specialized treatments solely for this purpose, you can take good care of your skin by regularly using the various acne body wash for men.

Body acne usually appears on the chest, back, shoulders, and buttocks, but it can affect any part of the body excluding the sole of the feet and the palm of the hands. Researches have shown that people who suffer from face acne usually suffer from body acne as well. As with facial acne, the exact causes of body acne are unknown. They can be genetic, and/or due to sudden stress or unhealthy eating habits. As compared to facial acne, body acne can be more severe as the body skin is thicker and has larger pores.

To actually experience the results of the acne body wash, it is better if you try an entire bottle of the body wash as the contents take time to start working (this will not be the case if the body wash is causing additional skin irritation or other adverse effects).

Best Acne Body Wash for Men
  • Some of the best body wash for men are the ones containing antidotes like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid derivative. Salicylic acid in small percentages (usually 2%) helps in keeping pimples and blackheads away. These antidotes help in unclogging the pores and have anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting acne effectively. Products containing these antidotes also reduce oil content, hence there can be a danger of over drying the skin.
  • A body wash containing aloe vera and chamomile is effective in healing skin blemishes caused by acne. They also have a fresh fragrance.
  • In case of sensitive skin, the best suited body wash will be the ones containing moisturizer as well. This helps prevent dry skin after the wash.
  • Some other acne body wash solutions contain vitamins that help in clearing the skin.
  • For those who want to go in for more herbal treatments, a body wash containing neem oil, dandelion root or honeysuckle is a good option. These herbs work as antibiotics and reduce skin inflammation.
You can read the reviews on different types of body wash but most of the time, reading reviews may not help as everyone's skin is different. As a result, a product that works well on someone else, might not be the perfect solution for you, and vice-versa. So you will have to try out the different acne body wash for men that are available and find out as to which suits you the best.

Simple Skin Care

Personal hygiene and proper skin care can help in controlling acne. Make sure you take a shower after activities that make you sweat. After the use of a body wash, you can apply body lotions, especially the ones containing aloe vera and vitamin E. These will moisturize your skin and will help in the overall effect. Many body scrubs that provide roughage are also available. Simple health and hygiene measures can go a long way in controlling the problem of body acne.

If your skin has suffered previous damage due to acne, you can try out acne scar removal methods or go in for simple acne scars treatment. I am sure this article must have helped if you were looking for answers for getting rid of body acne. So go ahead and try out the acne body wash for men which suits you best and be relieved.