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Bell Bottom Jeans for Men

Exclusive Tips on Choosing Bell Bottom Jeans for Men

Bell bottoms are back in vogue and men can revamp the denim's section of their wardrobes by adding at least one pair of cool bell bottom jeans! What do the latest styles in bell bottom jeans for men look like and how can you wear them perfectly? Here are the answers...
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
As the vintage collection continues to impress the latest generation, you can find a lot of men following the vintage fashion wear. Bell bottom jeans is one such vintage fashion trend that has made a classic comeback and you can see many men flaunting these. Bell bottoms entered the world of fashion clothing in the late '60s and had no competition in the segment of casual wear throughout the '70s.
From the slightly flared patterns with very tight, knee fitted pairs till the full flared bell bottoms, each pair offered men a unique way to show off their style. As I said earlier, the comfy bell bottoms are back in vogue and are also one of the best types of jeans for men. Here's more about these...
Latest Styles in Bell Bottoms
If you are one of those men who are ready to shop for the popular vintage styled clothing and don a fancy retro look, bell bottoms are definitely the thing to opt for. Wondering whether the latest styles in bell bottoms are completely same even today? Well, the vintage bell bottoms which consisted of that extreme flare are slightly narrowed today are popularly known as boot cut jeans.
Let me tell you that modern bell bottom jeans for him are not tight at the knees or around the thigh area as they used to be decades ago. They are slightly loose at the thighs and around the knees as well with a little but noticeable flare at the bottom. Though you can find a few pairs with cuts that have wider bottom, the same are best suitable for teenagers.
Though boot cut jeans suit most men, it offers a great fit for specific body types. Petites are recommended to stay away from wearing boot cuts as the flare can make them appear even shorter. Bell bottoms with a little flare are best for taller men. Those having an athletic body type are sure to look great on wearing this type of jeans and pairing a casual button down shirt with the same. Bell bottom is also known to be the best-fitting jeans with the latest designs offering wider thigh space and comfort fit at the knees.
With bell bottoms you can try out a number of washes and shades. A single colored jeans with no shading works well for taller men. Even the lightest colors like ice blue and light colored stone wash jeans looks perfect for taller men. Jeans with slight shading in the thigh area look good on those having big thighs or even those with athletic figures. A double colored effect with shading looks good in darker denims like navy blue or blackish blues. A hint of darkest green in dark blue shaded jeans also offers a wonderful option.
Pairing the right shirts or tees is essential to wear the perfect look with this retro fit jeans. For a semi-casual look put on your crisp white shirt, tuck in and finish with a single colored fabric or leather waist belt. A casual checker shirt with fold-up sleeves can work best for a classy casual look. A funky t-shirt can be the best pick for the ultra cool look!
Add a stylish belt and finish the casual look with nice sneakers or sporty shoes. You can also wear suede shoes in olive green color or in one of the shades of brown with bell bottoms. Avoid wearing the pointed leather shoes on bell bottoms. Sneakers in canvas or any other material make the ultimate footwear. With the best colors and combinations you can get set to show off your new pair of vintage styled bell bottoms.