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Low Rise Jeans for Men

Low Rise Jeans for Men

Denim pants are popularly known as Jeans. These pants, used both by men and women, are comfortable and look fashionable. This article displays the best low rise jeans available in the market for men.
Amruta Gaikwad
The trend of wearing jeans was introduced by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, who began manufacturing these denim pants since 1873. These pants were originally worn and used by workers but soon became a trend among many teenagers. Over the years, the denim pants have gone through many changes as in size, shape and style. In present times, there are many cool jeans for men that come in skinny, boot cut, narrow, straight, regular and low rise fit. Today, the low rise denims is amongst the favorite styles, that many men love to wear. As a pair of jeans is a must have clothing, many men are looking for that perfect low rise fit. Stop looking and scroll down, as I bring you the list of a few trusted jeans brands, which are the masters of comfort and style.

Popular Brands

These jeans gained popularity, when they were flaunted by Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen's collection. Later in 2000, Britney Spears set the trend for them and many young boys and girls began wearing a low rise pair. Though tight and skinny varieties in low rise are more in fashion, there is also an option of choosing baggy, loose or flare bottom jeans. With a wide range in color and styles, selecting the right fit has become easy. Some of the well-known brands that carry such a style are Guess, American Eagle, Levis Strauss, Wrangler, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Guess Jeans
Guess is a well-known clothing brand, that also manufactures many fashion accessories. This luxury brand is known among the Americans and creates wonderfully crafted jeans. This brand is well-known for manufacturing denim clothing line and has a huge collection of different styles in denims. You can try out the different designs of low rises in Guess. Lincoln, Falcon and Desmond are some of the jeans' styles available in Guess. They come in different colors, patterns, wash and fits. With such a wide range, you can get the desired pants.

Levis Strauss Jeans
Levis Strauss was among the few men, who created innovative techniques to design the perfect and comfortable fit of denim pants. Its excellent fit has attracted many young men to try out this denim brand. As the brand was in the process of becoming popular, it introduced various styles and designs in these denim pants. Many models began exhibiting various low rise Levis styles, which caught the attention of many young men. Currently Levis men's 527 jeans is among the most common low rise styles that is purchased by many men.

Wrangler Jeans
Wrangler is a well-known brand for manufacturing denim clothing. Over the years it has mastered the techniques of making good fit jeans and now some of their jeans are high in demand. Again, this brand brings you a variety of styles and fit in low rise. May it be straight, slim, loose or relaxed fit, they all are available in low rise style. So, now you can pick out the suitable pair of jeans and show off your new pair of jeans.

American Eagel Jeans
American Eagle, is a popular jeans manufacturers. They produce some of the best selling jeans for the youth. Their low rise denims pants are designed in many different styles, bringing in a lot of variety to its customers. So, may it be slim, boot, straight or skinny cut, all styles are available in this brand. It not only has these styles, but has variety in colors too, to suit your exact style.

These are some of the good brands that manufacture low rise jeans. Denim has provided us with many forms of clothing, among which jeans is the most common one. These pair of denim pants look cool and can be worn for absolutely any occasion. So, go ahead and grab a pair of jeans that you have always wanted.