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Hair Straightening Creams for Men

Hair Straightening Creams for Men

Hair straightening creams are the new found rage for men. It, indeed, is one component that makes hair straightening all the more accessible. . . .
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With this age galloping at an unimaginable velocity, where you could afford to make amendments to your look and your overall appearance by splurging an extra buck, can hair treatments be laid far behind? Well, hair treatments are a new fad amongst the old and the young. Everyone wants to go in for the sleek look for their mane. They refuse to tolerate the sight of frizz and want to get rid of it, by doing all that they can. However, there are a few who resign to a hairy fate and feel blessed with what they possess. With the jet age taking wings, you can no more expect everyone to carry such an ideology. With the influx of advancements in the sector that is devoted to pep up your beauty, hiding your liabilities and focused on enhancing your assets you are sure to have an uncontrollable bout of temptation to have the best straightening cream help your hair stands relax.

What Hair Straightening Creams Can Do for You

Straightening creams are available in order to help your hair smoothen and tame curly or frizzy hair. There are basically two kinds of straightening creams: (1) chemical/permanent; and (2) temporary. A chemical straightening product depending upon its usage terms and conditions may extend up to several months. In case of temporary straightening products; they would last only for a day or up till you wash your hair. They must be re-applied so that their effect stays and the hair looks relaxed and tamed all the time. Hair thickness and manageability of the hair should be considered when deciding which kind of straightening cream you must use. Lightly wavy hair might just need you to apply a daily straightening cream to make them smooth. However, if you have unmanageable and frizzy hair or are harassed by fly away hair, chemical treatment is what you require. Both types of hair straighteners, also known as hair relaxers, have advantages and disadvantages. The chemical hair creams can provide great results but can be damaging because of the harsh chemical ingredients used to smooth out the hair. It is always advisable that you consult a professional or a stylist whom you trust to conduct the procedure on you. Due to chemicals in straightening creams, you could counter risk of breakage or damage of hair, if your hair has a history of being chemically treated with colors or other chemical forums.

Men sometimes, do get negligent about the texture or state of their hair and tend to ignore their hair. Hair care for men is just considered to be a head wash during a bath and nothing else. Well, if you are not comfortable with the curly-whirly look of your hair, you could choose to apply hair straightening creams specially meant for you. If you think you cannot handle doing this on your own, rather if this is the first time you are indulging in such a treatment you could well resort to visiting your stylist for some help. If you are a seasoned guy, going in for hair straightening, this article will aid you in sprucing up your knowledge and give you a great look that oozes ogles!

Some Quick Recommendations

Kiehl's Hair Care - Stylist Series Straightening Cream
This is a product that is known to tame your hair and make it straight and sleek. This is a straightening cream that protects the hair from heat and is also packed with soy bean extracts that nourish each hair strand and locks hair moisture. This cream is perfect to relax wavy, curly and frizzy hair. The approximate cost of Kiehl's Hair Care - Stylist Series Straightening Cream is $35.

Jason High Styling Gel
This styling gel does not make your hair go greasy. It is light on your hair and helps you texturize your hair the way you want. Boosted with essential oils and flax-seed proteins, this styling gel leaves your hair looking lustrous and soft. The price range of Hason hair styling products is $7 to $20 approximately.

L'Oreal Vive Thickening and Grooming 6.8 oz Gel
This is one styling potion that styles your hair without weighing them down. It delivers thickness to the hair like never before and has a long-lasting hold to provide your hair with. The product pricing is thus, $17 on an average.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Styling Cream 4oz
This is a styling cream that nourishes your hair from root to tip. The daily abuse that the hair may endure is corrected and repaired by this stylizing potion. It texturizes your hair into smooth and supple strands without weighing down and making them look limp. This styling product costs $7 to $20.

Procedure to Straighten Men's Hair
  • First, you need a ceramic-plated straightening iron. Make sure that the heating iron is equipped with heat control settings. The next step is to collect all the stuff you need to make your hair look better. For this you need a fine-tooth comb, straightening cream and a hair wax or gel.
  • Wash your hair and let it dry completely. Don't start to fidget with your hair as soon as you are out of the shower. For guys it is best to wash hair and leave the way it is and iron the hair the next day for best results.
  • With the straightening cream on your palm, rubbing it gently and distributing it evenly through your hair is what you need to do next. Spread the cream evenly with the fine toothed comb. This will help the iron slide better and protect your hair from the heat damage.
  • Plug on the iron and wait for it to heat up well before you use it. Section your hair with small clips. To begin with, iron the lower sections and side sections of your hair before you start with the top layers of the hair.
  • Lift a small section of the hair with the comb and by pressing it in between the iron clamps slide the equipment starting close to the root and then slowly moving towards the ends of your hair. This will give you a sleek look. Remember not to be harsh with your hair. In an attempt to make your hair look straight, do not pull the iron through the hair shaft in a rough manner. By the end of the session, you would like to see hair on your head, right!
  • Continue doing so for all the sections of the hair and proceed to ironing the top layer of the hair. The top layer, in the actual decides the complete look that you would derive when the ironing process is completed. For a better and easier method, you could lay the top layers at 45 degree angle inclining towards your nose. This will help the strands fall correctly when you have to get the final look. You could also pull them straight up in a vertical direction.
  • Style your hair finally with a hair wax. Place a very small amount on your palm and rub it to have an even consistency. Apply it only to the ends of the hair. Use the wax to separate hair strands to create more definition at the ends.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your choice confidently. Hair straightening creams are here to tame your hair and make you feel and look confident.
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