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Best Hair Removal for Men

Hair removal options vary from usage of topical products like creams to sophisticated methods such as laser treatment.
MenWit Staff
Too much hair on the body can be a great source of embarrassment for men. It invites unfriendly stares and in such circumstances going shirtless becomes next to impossible. If you want to flaunt your ripped abs minus annoying body hair, it is time to opt for strategies that help to remove hair easily. They are discussed below:
Why hair removal creams are so popular is because they are cheap and also hair is removed in less time. One has to first apply the cream on the affected area and leave it for not more than 10-15 minutes. After the stipulated time is over, one has to clean the area with a warm moist clot, which assists to remove hair. Revitol creams are often the first choice when it comes to eliminating overgrown hair. Made from natural ingredients like aloe vera and green tea extract, Revitol cream wipes away the unwanted hair safely. Most importantly, the results are long-lasting and provide a smooth skin, free from any sort of damage. Revitol is a 100% natural cream and removes hair from the follicles (pouches that contain hair root) without causing any irritation.
This method that has been in use for years now, is slightly painful but certainly works to remove those annoying hair. The shaved area may show the formation of small bumps that usually vanish within a day or two. Application of after shave lotions is helpful to relieve painful, burning sensation associated with shaving.
In case, you are looking for a method that can keep the affected area free from hair regrowth for more than a month, then look no further and opt for waxing. Although painful, men do not hesitate to use waxing as the effects are long-lasting. Soy wax hair removal products are now easily available in the market. One has to simply apply these soy-based compounds on the affected area. Special cloth strips are then placed on the region where the cream is applied. After a few minutes, when the wax becomes dry, one has to simply pull those strips. Along with the strips, the hair also come out. As compared to earlier waxing methods, this procedure is less painful and ensures healthy, smooth skin.
Although, this laser hair removal method is expensive, it is extremely effective to prolong hair regrowth for substantial amount of time. The laser beam penetrates the skin and generates heat which helps to impair the hair follicles (a small tubular structure that contains the hair root). As a result, the hair follicles take a long time to recover from this damage. However, multiple sessions of laser treatment are necessary to increase the duration of hair loss at the desired site. Few minor side effects have been associated with laser technology. For instance, natural skin color of the targeted site may change and the person may also experience skin irritation after the procedure. All these side effects are temporary and usually do not last long.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.