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Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Men

Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Men

What you may call as the best indoor tanning lotion, depends greatly on your needs. To understand this product and its uses better, continue reading ...
Neha Joshi
You always want what you don't have. Women with wavy hair, get them straightened. Those with straight hair, want some curls. A fat person tries hard to be thin, while a thin person wants to be a little plump. A dark-skinned man shops for fairness creams, while a fair-toned skin craves tanning lotions. All these products, treatments, and services help you achieve a look that you don't have, but want to. Whether it's necessary or not, is a decision you have to make. All I can say is, most of these products contain chemicals. Using any such product for long, I would say, is not natural.

In this article, we'll talk about tanning lotions for men. We'll first understand what these lotions do and then take a look at the most trusted brands.

Product Description
If you are associating an indoor tanning lotion with a sunscreen, you are wrong. This lotion does not protect the wearer from sunlight. What it does is increase the production of melanin in the skin, which in turn makes the wearer look a shade darker. It also increases blood flow towards the skin. By this, more melanin is pushed to the upper layers. People who wish to look darker, opt for these lotions. Indoor lotions are used by people who spend most of their time away from the sun. For people who want the tan quick and fast, you must have a bronzer in your tanning lotion. Another indoor tanning tip is that a tingle might irritate the skin of some people, specially if they have a sensitive skin. Ask your doctor before using any lotion.

Indoor tanning lotions are also sold in tanning salons. Purchasing these lotions from the salon will give you the advantage of knowing the best product available then. You will also get them in retail stores. However, if you're planning on visiting a tanning salon, be careful as the UV rays here are more powerful and intense than they are outside.

Best Products

Here is a list that will help you find the best indoor tanning lotion.
  • Australian Gold Crystal XII
  • California Tan Ionyx Bronzer
  • Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond
  • Australian Gold Almost Famous Darkest Triple Bronzer with Hemp
  • Designer Skin Tao Bronzer Indoor Tanning Salon Tan Lotion for Men
  • Swedish Beauty Chocolate Silk
  • California Tan MaxLotion
  • Paint It Black 50X Auto-Darkening Dark Tanning Lotion
  • Designer Skin Secret Stash
  • Australian Gold Crystal Faces
*This list is based on preference of the author. Use any of these lotions after compulsory consultation of a skin specialist.

Remember, bronzing lotions will last only 6-7 days as these tanning products work with dead cells. Once the dead cells shed, the effect too, will be lost.