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Best Jeans for Tall Men

A Layman's Guide to Finding the Best Jeans for Tall Men

Are you amongst the tall men searching for a great looking pair of jeans? Well then, just scroll down to find out the most suitable fits for you and also get some smart tips on shopping which will help you find a perfect jeans for your height.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
While you browse through the men's wardrobe essentials, jeans are definitely a primary part of the list. A pair of jeans forms the ultimate casual wear, which can be picked without much of confusion when you want to dress up in minutes and don a comfy look. Well, choosing jeans for taller men is not a tough task as most of the styles suit them. Definitely, there are some styles which tall men must avoid picking and some options which they 'must consider' wearing. If you are one of those tall guys and planning to shop for a pair of jeans then here are some tips on shopping for the best jeans for tall men.
Styles to Choose From
Skinny jeans are a hot trend in the men's casual wear section. So you might want to try one of these ultra stylish pair of skinny jeans, right? Well, but let me tell you that if you are too slim and tall or have excess weight and tall as well, skinny jeans are not for you! These just look well on those tall men with athletic body type. Dark colors in skinny jeans with gathering at the bottom finished with sneakers or sporty shoes gives a cool and classy look.
The best-suitable fit is the straight fit. With a straight fit pair of jeans that falls on your ankles and offers the right comfort factor, you are sure to look great. Pair this fitting jeans with a casual t-shirt, shoes and get set to flaunt your attire! Boot cut is another fit that works well for tall men. Let me tell you that the right amount of flare is essential to get the correct look. Too much of flare is sure ruin your appearance. Boot cuts with a little flare and a bit roomy fit in the thigh area are sure to give an overall smart appearance to tall men.
When you have too much of confusion, the classic fits remain the ultimate alternative. These look great on tall men and can be paired with tees or casual shirts as well. Slightly shaded jeans or light wash denims are amongst the 'must try out' pieces and they make the best jeans. Light shades also look good on tall men.
Shopping for Jeans
While you step in a store to buy stylish jeans, the first thing to remember is that you need to grab the right fitting pair of jeans. A jeans that is too tight or too loose is not at all going to suit your personality. This makes choosing skinny jeans for tall men, quite a tricky job.
While you try on a pair of jeans, make sure that you wear the right pair of footwear as well to see if the overall appearance is good. You need to take trial of different fits in your size and then checkout which one looks the best. Also try various shades to find out the best looking denim shade for your body type. If you are having a tough time finding a long pair of jeans, it is best to look for a designer jeans. There are a number of brands that have a separate line of tall men's wear. There are also a few brands which are known to specially-designed jeans. Well, these can be the brands to checkout as they specialize in tall jeans and hence, have a wide variety in the same.
Finding the right pair won't be a tough task if you are aware of the best fits and brands that offer good collection for taller men. Make sure you forget the fashion trends if a jeans looks really well on your body. So, tall guys, ready to don a cool look?