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Unique Watches for Men

Unique Watches for Men

A watch says more about you, than a wallet. For some truly different and stand out, masculine watches, scroll below.
Rave Uno
A watch is more than just a time keeper. A watch is not just a dial, with a strap and a buckle. A watch is an extension of your hand, that tells the time. The great thing about watches, is that whatever the occasion or style you flaunt, there is a watch for you. For the business look, a sleek, minimalistic, elegant design, separates the manager from the clerk. If you are the sun-and-sand type, or the metrosexual, something hip, cool and funky is more your style. For the trend setter, nothing but the best of the best watches will do.

And then there's the unique individual. He wants something, no one else has. A unique watch, doesn't translate to a weird watch. It could be something unique, in terms of brand or design or function or material. Like LED display instead of analog. Like an eco-friendly watch, or a glow-in-the-dark model. Or a huge dial and tiny strap. In this article, take a look at some of the most unique watches for men, available today.

Macho Unique Watches

Some stud and tough, unique men's watches are:
  1. 666 Barcelona Silver Skull I and II: A classy stainless steel case, silver leather strap, with a cool single skull (model I) or many leering skulls (model II). Price: $130
  2. WeWood Wooden Watch Series: Go green with the Wooden watch series from WeWood, made from reclaimed wood, 100 % recyclable and biodegradable. The warm woodsy color tone, gives a earthy but different feel to the conventional watch. Price: $140
  3. Tonino Lamborghini Spyder: Do you feel the need? The need for speed? That inner need for speed and a sporty design, can be fulfilled with this fantastic, sophisticated and out of this world watch. An inverted triangular dial, set in a circular, stainless steel case. 3 chronographs, red leather perforated band and a mini date window. A mini Lamborghini for your wrist. Price: $1,380
  4. TechnoMarine Cruise Original Night Vision: With colored luminova dials and 200 meters water resistance, the Cruise is a keeper for the sportsman and night bird alike. Stainless steel case with black PVC coating, with a steel strap and buckle. Plus there are 6 color options available, with interchangeable straps and case covers. Price: $500
  5. Diesel DZ1327 Glow: Made of silicon, and scratch resistant rubber. Stylish dial design, with Diesel brand on the side. Water-resistant up to 5 ATM. Oh and it glows in the dark! Enough said. Price: $100
  6. PUMA Men's PU102331001 Stream Silver Digital Watch: This watch model from Puma, looks strong enough to cause injury. The titular pouncing puma symbol is on the stainless steel rectangular case, it has an LED display with bold, big square numbers for the time and to complete the macho look, a synthetic leather band. Price: $120
Stylish Unique Watches for Men

If your keywords are classy, elegant and stylish, then check out the watch models below:
  1. Longines Twenty Four Hours Pilot Watch: This watch stands out for its 24-hour dial, enclosed in a stainless steel, round case. It is protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal top and is water resistant up to 30 meters. A stylish black alligator leather strap and matte black dial complete the striking effect of this watch. Price: $1,900
  2. Rado True Thinline Ultra-Thin Watch: Thin to the max, this watch comes in a black or white ceramic case. The dial top is made of sapphire crystal, with a black or white dial, and matching black or white rubber strap. For a stylish and uber clean look, this is the best watch. Price: not released yet.
  3. Barcelona 666 Under Pressure Series: Why is this watch unique? It is modeled after an antique pressure gauge, has a single-hand for minutes, with a digital counter in the center and a carbon fiber strap. It's like having the speed gauge of a high speed vehicle on your hand. Price: $160
  4. Diesel DZ7111 Sideview OLED: This watch looks like something the Terminator would wear. Sleek, stainless steel bracelet with steel case. The OLED (Organic light emitting diode) display gives the futuristic effect, with a mirror finish. The whole chrome effect, makes this watch stand out from other models. Price: $225
  5. Mr Jones Watch Series: If you like making a statement in whatever you do and wear, then your watch should reflect the same idea. And the Mr Jones series definitely makes a statement. The Accurate model has "remember" and "you will die" as its hour and minute hand respectively, with a mirrored rim. For a unique watch, Cyclops has an hour marker, instead of a hand. A circle passes over each hour, marked by a unique color. Not fond of colors? No problem. The special black edition has a complete black tone, with hours in shades of gray. The Average Day and Last Laugh are 2 other special models. A collection of extremely unique watches for men. Price: $150 - $200
  6. Starck PH1109 O-Ring Dark Green: A very futuristic, band styled watch. The case is a large, stainless steel O-ring, inside the green dial, which has a hole at the center! The strap is black, polished polyurethane and has a hidden clasp. It is water-resistant up to 3 ATM. Check this watch out, for its unique design. Price: $110
The real impact of a unique watch, is how it complements you. A very colorful Swatch watch, while unique, might not really suit you. Similarly a big, chunky Diesel model, on a very thin wrist will not give you the effect you are looking for (unless it's the wannabe effect you are looking for). So, while choosing a unique watch, think about your clothing styles and your lifestyle. Brands, colors, chronographs or single dial, there are so many unique watches out there, the mind boggles with the possibilities!