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Overview of Camouflage Shorts for Men

An Interesting Overview of the Story of Camouflage Shorts for Men

Camo shorts are a must-have in every man's wardrobe, not only for the comfort they provide, but also for the style statement that they make. Here is an overview of camouflage shorts for men.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018
Camouflage shorts, or what are generally known as camo shorts, are derived from the popular pants that are worn by military persons and soldiers at the time of war. A lot has gone into coming up with this print in the hues of dark green, brown, black, etc., and they are now very popular among men and women.
These pants have now been modified into camouflage shorts or skirts. Popular among celebrities as well as the common man, they make a style statement and are a must-have in every man's wardrobe, especially for those who like to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
History of Camouflage Shorts
As mentioned earlier, designer camo shorts have been inspired from the uniforms of soldiers and military persons. Surprisingly, this print has not always been a part of the military uniform. In fact, in older times, soldiers used to wear bright uniforms as a symbol of unity.
However, as time passed, it was clear that such bright colors could be easily spotted by the enemy, which made the soldiers an easy target. When the uniform color of the army from British-ruled India was changed to khaki, the colors and styles of the uniforms of armies across the world also began to change accordingly.
As such, this uniform has evolved over time so that soldiers can be camouflaged and not spotted as easily by the enemy. Therefore, the name camo or camouflage pants and shorts.
The pants made from such prints were always meant to provide utmost comfort to the person wearing them during war or while hunting. They were so comfortable that soldiers could perform all their drills and fight massive wars while wearing them. As such, camo shorts have been designed while keeping this element intact.
This is also the reason they are so popular among people of all age groups. Not only do these prints look extremely stylish, they also provide maximum comfort to those they are sported by. Worn during trekking, hunting, safaris, or simply a day outdoors, they are the preferred choice for men who are on the go and need comfortable clothing.
Modern Camouflage Shorts
Camo shorts are not simple shorts with camouflage prints any longer. They have now been modified into designer clothing as cargo shorts, with a large number of pockets that reduce the need of carrying huge backpacks when you are on a trip. A lot of your necessities can easily be stuffed into these pockets, making them the perfect choice for outdoor clothing.
Not only in terms of design, but these shorts have transcended the barriers of color and are now available in a whole range of bright hues. While the grays, greens, browns, and blacks are still in demand in camouflage shorts, you will be spoiled for choice with the whites, purples, and blues that are now available.
Where to Buy Them
For the comfort, design, and the natural appeal to the world of fashion that camouflage shorts have to offer, they are available at highly reasonable rates across different stores. They can also be purchased online, as there is no specific fit required for these shorts.
They are available at a variety of online clothing stores, and you can take a look at the customer reviews to be sure about the quality. With all that you know about camouflage shorts, make sure that it is a part of your wardrobe and sport this style statement with maximum comfort!