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Annoying and Frustrating Things About Guys That Girls Hate

Things Girls Hate About Guys
Both sexes find themselves furrowing their eyebrows when it comes to their partner. There are certain things girls hate about guys, some of which are likely to uncover the truth behind all those ugly fights, incessant tears, and cold, silent treatments.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Girls are sensitive beings, and a lot of them know what they want even if they're just teenagers or in their early twenties. Guys need to understand that if they're in it for the commitment, then it's going to take a hell lot more than just the occasional phone call or random date night. Girls are at an emotional phase in their lives once they comprehend the idea of a relationship, forming demands and expectations even before you two have completed seeing each other a little over a month.
So why is it that guys can't seem to catch on with the simple things that girls expect out of them? At least the ones who don't come off as overbearing or psychotic. If your girl is genuinely in a constant battle to win over a side of you that is the constant propagator when it comes to arguments, then it is time you sat down and looked into things girls hate about guys. Work on it, and she'll come around to not being so mad at you all the time.
What Women Hate About Men
Never say this to your gf
Girls know what they want, even if it sounds ridiculous to you or too much to ask for (which, let's face it, isn't much when it comes to the realistic stuff).
Don't be late for a date
Girls hate it when a guy is not on time for a date, especially if it is an important event. If she is the kind who has a pet peeve for latecomers, then it would be wise to apologize the first couple of instances and actually make an attempt to be on time for future plans.
Don't call your ex
Girls hate the fact that you keep in touch with your ex-girlfriend/s, because of the common fear that you may have a slip-up (let's face it, some guys just can't seem to tame their animal instincts or fend off an ex who makes a move). It isn't all about jealously, but a sense that something could go wrong.
Meeting your ex alone is a strict no-no, where it would be wise to introduce your girl to your ex-partner so that this past someone is aware of how committed you are to your current girlfriend. Girls also hate it if you lie about being in touch with an ex; if she has nothing to worry about when it comes to you and your ex, then don't fuel unwanted suspicion by lying. Be honest, and things will work in your favor.
Don't call and refuse to show up
Why don't you call when you say you will? Or disappear for hours on end? Or cancel when plans are already underway? Unless you have a genuinely great excuse in store, do not be so negligent and oblivious to things that may be small, but are in fact quite important to a girl.
Don't put up a wall
Girls don't like it when guys put up a wall when it comes to problems they face, often wanting to be alone and keep her out of the loop. Involve her, engage her in your troubles and then request for solitude. It will give her a sense of importance that you confide in her when things take a tumultuous turn in your life, and will help her to understand your need for getting away.
Don't zone out
Don't zone out during an argument or raise your voice. Screaming and getting verbally abusive is not a solution. Behave like two adults and discuss what went wrong and own up to your mistakes if any. If she's done something wrong, point it out in a way that is inoffensive and nonjudgmental. She will see your side eventually. If she's ill-tempered and irrational, give her time to cool off before settling the issue that started the fight.
Don't be critical
Girls hate it when a guy is over-critical and doesn't prove to be a support system when needed. Advise her on things that require your advice, gently laying it out on the table if she's rushing into a big decision.
Guys, be kind to your girls and try to change the things she complains about on a regular basis. It can be frustrating and highly annoying, but you picked her out of the herd right? If she's special enough to try so hard to please, then these pointers should help you along. Be sure to know what it is you want out of the relationship before ruining it once it picks up the pace.