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Know Her Thoughts: How to Spot Genuine Signs of Female Attraction

How to Spot Genuine Signs of Female Attraction
You sense something different in her demeanor. She's another person around you. Do you think she's attracted to you? May be. May be not. Here's how to spot genuine signs of female attraction so that you can figure out at least a little about what she's thinking.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
You know her, she knows you, there is a spark, but you're not sure whether it will lead to anything else. How do you understand whether she is genuinely attracted to you? Body language speaks a lot, and when they say actions speak louder than words they may not be wrong. However, body language itself is not enough to decipher a woman's intentions. There are a lot of other things that can tell you whether she is genuinely attracted to you. Now in this article, we don't discuss the 'meet-at-a-bar' and get attracted kind of attraction. Here, we discuss the attraction that develops after getting to know one another, perhaps still in the initial stages. Here's how you can spot genuine signs of female attraction.
Signs that She is Attracted to You
It is a fact that getting to know whether a girl is genuinely attracted to you is difficult. Going beyond those smiles, that apparent physical closeness, playing with her hair, and that eye contact is going to be a little challenging. But as mentioned earlier, there are some actions that can give out signs that she may be genuinely attracted to you. These signs have been enlisted here, and when you go through them, you will probably find yourself a little enlightened and better equipped to decide what to do next.
✴ The probable first sign is her attempt to make the first move, or introduce herself to you. Not many girls do that; they tend to wait for guys to make the first move. But if she does, take it as a sign that she may be attracted to you.
She is genuinely interested in everything you tell her, and is likely to remember details of the conversations you had. Don't be surprised if she shows up with something you told her you like but were unable to buy for some reason. And be prepared for some more.
✴ She is likely to send you random text messages to strike conversation with you, and provide you insipid, irrelevant details about her life; and then she may tell you she doesn't know why she's sharing these details with you.
✴ If you have common friends, and if they are as close to you as they are to her, they may tell you that all she talks about is you, in your absence. Flattering, isn't it?
✴ Talk to another woman in her presence and watch her get jealous. This jealousy is reflected in her demeanor and she may walk away, or suddenly become quiet, or may express her anger by clenching her fist. In fact you will notice these signs even if you simply talk about other women to her.
✴ As mentioned earlier, one of the common signs of attraction from women is that they pay attention to everything the men they like happen to say. So if you happen to tell her one day that you like something she is wearing or the way she has made her hair, she may end up dressing in that fashion more often.
✴ A girl who likes you will cancel her plans with her friends to spend time with you, even if you mention it only once. She will even answer your calls when she is with her friends and excuse herself from their company to talk to you. Speaking of calls, should you happen to call her in the middle of the night for any random reason, she will give up her sleep to talk to you.
✴ She will meet your friends and spend time with you and them no matter how awkward she may find it, just to be with you.
Disclaimer: These facts are true for most girls, though some girls may approach the whole situation differently. This is not an attempt to generalize the signs of female attraction, but just an insight into how they are most likely to behave if they are attracted to a man.
When a girl goes so far so as to do all these things for you, you can probably take it that she likes you and is attracted to you. Make sure you respect her feelings for you, and if you don't feel the same way, please do not lead her on. It is simply hurtful. If on the other hand, you are attracted to her, talk to her about it. You never know, you may be able to strike a great relationship; something that you have always been looking for. Good luck!
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