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How to Trim a Mustache for That Impeccably Groomed Look

How to Trim a Mustache
Just keeping a mustache to look macho is not enough. You need to maintain it by trimming it regularly. Read know about how you can take care of your mustache.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
A well-groomed and styled mustache is a matter of pride for most men. Men, and even some women associate a mustache with manliness and such men go to great heights to grow one. But just growing a particular style of mustache is not sufficient as you have to keep it looking neat and well-groomed. A well styled mustache is a mark of a man who is manly and has a well-developed sense of personal style. What's more... it is a sign that you have a rocking personality! Trimming your mustache regularly should be a part of your regular grooming ritual.
If you are unsure of how to trim a mustache, then here we will give you information on doing it right. You can choose either an electric mustache trimmer or clipper to trim your mustache, or you can go the old-fashioned way and trim it with a regular beard shaver. I would suggest that you use an electric trimmer as it is much easier to control.
Best Way to Trim a Mustache
As mentioned earlier, the best way to trim a mustache is by using an electric shaver. Additionally, use a pair of scissors to trim around the edges; that would give your mustache a neater look. A well-lit area, a mustache comb and a small wall mounted mirror are the other essential supplies that you need to have to groom your mustache.
Wait for the Mustache to Grow
Now the first step in trimming a mustache is to allow the mustache to grow to a certain length. If you have a well-defined mustache, then you might need to wait for a couple of days before trimming your mustache. Allowing your facial hair to grow to a certain length will help you in shaping and styling your mustache.
Soften the Mustache with Water and Shampoo
Once the mustache hair has grown to a sufficient length, it is time to trim it. However since mustache hair is coarse and rough, you need to soften it by using a bit of mild shampoo and water. Allow the hair to dry completely before you begin the trimming process as wet hair is elastic and tends to look longer.
Trim the Outside Corners
Once the facial hair is softened and dry, trim the outside corners of the mustache with a pair of sharp scissors. Make sure that you trim the corners at an angle so that the mustache looks well-groomed and appealing. If the outside edges of the mustache hangs below your upper lip line, then carefully cut excess hair with the scissors.
Shape and Trim the Mustache
Next brush the mustache with a fine toothed mustache comb and make sure that the mustache hair is straight. Look at the mustache carefully and trim any excess hair that hangs below your upper lip line. You need to do this carefully so as not to trim out too much hair from the mustache. Otherwise your mustache will look too thin which is certainly not desirable.
Style the Mustache
To make sure that the mustache is symmetrical, start trimming with an electric mustache trimmer from the middle of the mustache toward one side. Once you have finished trimming one side, start from the other side towards the center, and then from the other side back to the middle. In this way you can maintain balance and symmetry of your mustache.
This is how you trim a mustache. Using specific tools like an electric trimmer meant for trimming a mustache and a mustache comb will help you in achieving the neat well-groomed look. Groom your mustache once or twice a week to maintain its shape. A well-groomed and styled mustache looks great, so aim at keeping it that way.