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Ways to Make a Woman Stop Talking

Ways to Make a Woman Stop Talking - These Work All the Time

This looks like a big problem that men encounter when they are hanging out with the opposite sex. This can be amusing at first but can get irritating if prolonged. Read more to know how to get out of this situation, without hurting anyone.
Foram Mehta
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Do women actually talk more? There are two answers to this question. Yes, women do talk more than men. But, they talk more in comparative terms and not in absolute terms. They do talk more than men but within the women category they can all have a tough competition. So the two answers are 'Yes' and 'No'.
Why do Women Talk More than Men?
The author of 'The Female Brain', Dr. Louann Brizendine pointed out the reason why women talk more than men, as a scientific explanation. According to her the male testosterone hormone is responsible in the shrinking that part of a man's brain which is responsible for communication. Women (thankfully) don't have that hormone present in them and thus, end up talking more than men. It's also not the fault of the men to get annoyed with women's garrulousness. That's the way they are made. In fact, a new study says that men talk as much as women, but definitely women are more capable.
Before we see how you can stop a woman from talking, let me tell you that, it's very (very) important to assess which woman you are trying to stop from talking. It's not something that you can say point blank, as you could hurt the sentiments of the lady, who was probably sharing something important with you. When women talk a lot it's absolutely normal for them, hence when you are trying to escape from the conversation, you need to do it with tact, depending on what relation you share with her. You would be facing endless bragging from your mom or wife when you come late, or you don't put the toilet seat down or when you act insensitive (according to the women!). Men on the other side think that "Don't they get tired after talking so much? Using the same energy when they talk, I can finish the work I do in an entire day". However, if you are dating someone new and you feel that your girl talks to much, please don't go upfront and tell her that. Unless you want to be dumped! Also you could upset a friend or your mom by using such words. So when you are attempting to stop a lady form talking you need to do it in a way that, she is not offended.
Anyway! Now let's come to how you can stop a woman from talking. Because, I understand you'd need to do that. First of all, always remember this quote "A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed". - Anonymous
Agree with Her
To cut a long story short, the best way is to agree with whatever she is saying and wind up the conversation. Use "Hmm" or "Yeah! You are right." or "I agree" and there will be nothing left to argue or discuss on, but only after she is done saying whatever she had to. This totally comes to the point that you should not 'cut her off' or even 'cross question her', while she is conversing with you. Trust me, you will get away earlier. Practice this! You will need to do a lot of this if your girlfriend or wife talks a lot.
Divert Her Attention
This is a sophisticated way of getting away with loquacious women. Divert her attention to something else. You can divert her by showing her something amusing on a street, in a book or on TV or just start a conversation yourself and do the talking. There is another way of doing this. Compliment her, randomly. You do this and she will forget whatever she was talking about. Isn't that cool? But if you over compliment her it might just give a wrong message that you are hitting on her. You could use this tip when you are stuck in a garrulousness date.
Piss Her Off
You use this method when you reach a point, you can't bear the talk any further. This is the most direct way of letting anyone know that you can't take it anymore. You can piss her off by interrupting her, by imitating the way she talks, or just simply ask her "What!" "what!", every time she says something or act as if you can't hear (Do it in a good humor). Guys know a million ways for pissing off women.
Start Talking More than Her
This seems kinda difficult or impossible to a few men, but when in need you'll do it, for sure. Start talking like you are giving a baseball commentary or a race commentary. Yeah, but be expressionless, it will confuse her. It's going to be quite unusual for a girl to hear a man talk so much she will certainly keep quiet in confusion and will think "How do I get this guy to stop talking?"
Tell Her You are Very Busy
When you happen to be in a conversation with a woman, who is not going to stop talking at least for an hour, tell her you are busy right now and you'll get back to her. This could be done genuinely as you could actually be busy. Say it politely that will do the job and will not even hurt her sentiments.
Don't Pay Attention
Ignorance can be a bliss here too! But watch who you are going to do that with! Do it with your girlfriend or wife, and you are surely calling for a break up or a divorce. Do that with a colleague and she will know it's time for her to keep quiet. You do this by simply not paying attention and not reacting, like there is no one around you. This could be rude, so make sure you do this with someone who is actually a prick.
Start Talking about Super Bowl (Sports)
Unless the woman you are talking to is as interested in sports as you, this trick totally works. Start talking about how sad you are that Colts lost against Saints or how did evolution take place (Give details of the match). She will be bored to death.
Teach Her Something New
This is something you can try with your girlfriend or a best friend or even mom sometimes. Start to teach them about something they do not know and you are a master in. You can talk to her about the new technologies and how do they work. You can also talk about time travel. This will save you from the 'woman talking' and also you will get a chance to talk and probably discuss something that you are interested in, for once.
Fake-Up an Illness
This does wonders! Tell her your head is hurting (badly). The first effect is she will stop talking about whatever she was talking and will ask you to take rest. Use this opportunity to tell her you need rest, and maybe a doctor. Get your self out of there.
Play Video Games Together
Get her to play video games with you. When she will be involved in playing a video game, she will definitely not talk - at the max you'd find her yelling when she is winning or losing. At least you are getting a companion and this will get you to converse at par. Also if a girl does not enjoy playing video games, this is a way she will have nothing to talk and if you don't like her, she could also walk out, out of boredom.
The above points will help you in stopping a woman from talking. But there is something that we all should remember. We say that men and women are equal, true! But then there are places where they differ. A man cannot think like a woman or feel like her and vice versa. Therefore, the differences between a man and a woman should be respected by both of them. This is what I feel is 'giving space' to someone means. No man can do without a woman nor a woman can do without a man. They do complete each other, only by accepting the way they are. For any relationship, communication is the key. And lack of communication is the basic reason why most relationships don't survive.

The above points are to help you get your way in stopping a woman from talking, in the right spirit and without hurting anyone. You want to stop a woman from talking but if all women do that, there will be no spice left in your life. Do it at your risk!
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